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The Daniel Plan

January 2024 @ ECCi

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This January at ECCi we will start off the new year by taking part in a 21 day healthy eating plan called
The Daniel Plan; 21 days healthier 

The Daniel plan is a healthy lifestyle program framed around abundance of good food,
rather than the deprivation of bad foods.  
The Daniel Plan Aim:
The Daniel Plan has FIVE areas of focus. Although a lot of attention can be given to the 
change in our diet, the purpose of the plan is Spiritual, emotional and physical renewal, with 
an emphasis
at ECCi on prayer. 

What can/can't I eat during the Daniel Plan?

The Daniel Plan is based on ONE rule: EAT REAL, WHOLE FOOD
Eat a variety of colourful real, whole foods that are made by yourself or another human
 factory produced by a machine or fast food outlets)
- L
imit starchy vegetables. 
- Limit or eliminate flour based products.
- Limit or eliminate sugar.
- Drink water or herbal teas.
- Consider additional sources of protein such as beans like lentils, or chickpeas.
- Choose a lean protein source (animal or plant) at every meal. 
- Use healthy fats such as: extra virgin olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds, extra virgin coconut oil.

Daniel fast plate.png

The Daniel Plan Plate:

- 50% non-starchy vegetables (avoid potatoes, squash, beetroot)
- 25% healthy animal or vegetable proteins
- 25% healthy starch or whole grains
- Small side of low glycaemic fruit (apples, cherries, oranges, pears, grapefruit, plums, strawberries)
- Drink water or herbal tea 

If you are new to fasting, have not undertaken a fast in a long time, or have an underlying health condition, then we advise that you check with your GP before undertaking the Daniel Fast. If you are under the age of 18, please get permission from your parent/guardian before making any major changes to your diet. 

We encourage you to get involved however you can; you could eliminate an addictive item from your diet like: caffeine, sugar or meat for example. If you are unable to make dietary changes, then maybe you could fast from TV or social media! Whatever you decide to do, we would like as many of our ECCi family to join together for this month of prayer. 
Dates and Services:
The Daniel fast at ECCi will run from Monday 8th January to Sunday 28th of January 2024 
We will be meeting  every day during that time for a mixture of online and in-person services
See the service programme  below:

Daily Devotional Guide:
This year, we are using a 21 day Daniel Fast Devotional provided by You Version App. You can access the app via  the
'devotional guide' button below.
Use this as your prayer guide and devotional thought each day during the fast, this devotional will also be the focus of our
online prayer meetings. 
The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16
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