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Meet The Team

Emmanuel Community Church International has 5 full time staff members and 2 part time staff members. 

In addition to the staff members, our church is made up of a team of 9 Trustees and 10 Elders as well as over 100 volunteers.

Altogether this amazing, godly and hardworking team of people help make the ECCi family happen. 

Accounts @ ECCi

Shernell Durrant.jpg
Shernell Durrant
Odette Findley.jpg
Odette Findley

Trustees @ ECCi

Emmanuel Community Church is a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) that is overseen by a board of Trustees who are elected by the Church congregation, or, on occasion co-opted by the existing board of Trustees.
Our Trustees have legal responsibility for the running of our church. 
Paul Butler.png
Paul Butler
Mark Williams.jpg
Mark Williams Vice Chairperson
Doug Williams
Chris Palmer 2022.jpg
Chris Palmer
Deborah Silvera.jpg
Debra Silvera 
David Lovell .jpg
David Lovell
Wane Brockett.JPG
Wane Brockett

Elders @ ECCi

Emmanuel Community Church International follows the principle of Acts 14 in having a team of godly men to oversee the Spiritual elements of our Church. These men are appointed after prayer and fasting by the Senior Pastor.
Doug Williams
Chris Palmer 2022.jpg
Chris Palmer
Wane Brockett.JPG
Wane Brockett
David Lovell .jpg
David Lovell
Dan Permale.JPG
Dan Permale
Bentley Greaves.jpg
Bentley Greaves
Joe Stephens.jpg
Joe Stephens
Pastor Raj Ratnaras
Paul Bombo.jpg
Paul Bombo

Stream Leaders @ ECCi

Emmanuel Community Church International has a great team of volunteers who work hard and with great diligence to help ECCi run effectively. Here are our team leaders. 
Sam Harley.jpg
Roshad Gibbons 1.jpg
Sam Williams
Worship Team Leader
Roshad Gibbons
Youth Team Leader
TC no background.jpg
Tracey Campbell
Discipleship Training Coordinator
Charmaine Alleyne .jpg
Charmain Alleyne
Prayer Team Leader
Jackie Richardson .jpg
Jackie Richardson
Prayer Team Leader
Leroy Harley.jpg
Leroy Harley
Counselling Team Leader
Sandra Harley .jpg
Sandra Reid Harley
Counselling Team Leader
Joe Stephens.jpg
Joe Stephens
Wellbeing Team Leader
David Lovell .jpg
David Lovell
Missions Team Leader
Joel Colthart website.jpg
Joel Colthart 
Emmanuel Football Club Leader
Rosemarie Brockett
Women's Team Leader
Joan Williams.jpg
Magine CT.jpg
Joan Williams
Women's Team Leader
Magine Charlton-Taylor
Explorers Ministry Leader
Jill Lovell.jpg
Jill Lovell
Sunday Refreshments 
Camilla Bramble
Lone Parents Leader
Graham Rooney.jpg
Jackie Permale.jpg
Mark Durrant.jpg
Wane Brockett.JPG
Marilyn Williams.jpg
Graham Rooney
Security Team Leader
Jackie Permale
Night Shelter Team Leader
Mark Durrant
CAP Jobs Club &
Men's Ministry Leader
Wane Brockett
Hardship Fund Leader
Marilyn Williams
Welcome Team Leader
Marlene Noel
Bereavement Team Leader
JP 2.jpg
Jackie Pathay
Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Groups Leader
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