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Missions @ ECCi

ECCi is a local church with a global vision. 

We are committed to mission which involves sharing the good news of the Gospel as well as helping resolve issues of care and deprivation.

ECCi supports several missionaries and missionary organisations worldwide.

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OnebyOne is a registered charity run by Matthew and Becky Murray who run a children's home in Kenya, a women's programme in Sri Lanka and the dignity project, providing females in remote areas with sanitary products.

ECCi has supported OnebyOne financially as well as attending for short term mission. 

Fountain of Life

Works with homeless people in Kyrgyzstan providing a day centre and medical care.

ECCi has supported financially as well as purchasing the plot of land that the hospice is built on



ECCi sponsors 12 children in Ghana who were previously living in extreme poverty via Compassion Uk. 

Project Name

Justice and Mercy

Working with Pastors in the Amazon region.

ECCi has given financial support and attended a short term mission trip. 

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Release International

Supporting persecuted Christians worldwide.

Financial support 

Hands and Feet Project

ECCi supports 10 children living in Haiti whose families have been adversely affected due to poverty and extreme weather. 

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Operation Restoration

Providing children with quality education.

ECCi has supported this school financially for a number of years. 

Open Doors

Supporting persecuted Christians worldwide.

Financial support. 

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onebyone (1).png


Supporting Missionary Amanda Alverado who works with street children and supporting families with need. 

ECCi has supported Amanda financially for a number of years. 


We supported Pastor Arec with building work at his church in Poland 

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Kenya May 2005 074.jpg

Kager Centre, Kenya

ECCi have supported Pastor David Kayando and the medical centre in Kenya for a number of years; financially, with the funding of a community well and attending short term mission trips.

London City Mission 

An organisation committed to sharing the Gospel message in the UK. 

ECCi has supported LCM financially as well as supporting some LCM workers. 

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